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Come and explore some of the most exciting photography locations in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Due to the COVID19 outbreak, we have now taken measures to keep our guests feeling safe during the tour. Hand Sanitiser and masks will be provided to each passenger, feel free to bring your own, masks will be required whilst travelling in the vehicle for the duration, however you will be able to remove the masks when we arrive at our location as we will be in the middle of a Beautiful Glen somewhere in the Highlands, where your closest living being will be a sheep or a Highland Cow. 

We take yours and our safety very seriously and we want to keep you safe at all times, and be rest assured that you will still have an amazing tour.

We shall look forward to taking your booking and remember we are offering a 25% DISCOUNT until August 15th whether your tour starts this month, next month or next year. Discount code to use is COVID19 at checkout.

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